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Since the very start, Control Management System was designed with as many features as needed to run your office operations with efficiency and ease.

With our application we facilitate the following tasks:+

  • Customer Management: All of your customer information is centralized and easily searched. Plus at a glance you may view all related information from a single screen.
  • Receipt and Contracts: Print your receipt and custom made contracts with all customer information.
  • Document and Image Storage: Scan and upload all your customer's files and keep everything related to your customer for easy search and retrival. Also, you may attach to emails
  • Email and Correspondence: Send custom HTML emails and form letters to your customers and keep a history all related back to the customer.
  • Accounting and Reporting: Make determining your financial status easier with comprehensive and summary reporting and forget using spreadsheets.
  • User Access and Security: Control who has access and from where and at what time with strict login access and keep your customer's information further secure with 128-bit encryption.
  • Daily Operations: With useful employee tools such as timesheet and tasks you don't need other installed software.

Why are insurance brokers using Control?

It's Paperless

As you may know it's required by law to keep customer files in storage for X years. This is very expensive over time with file folders, file cabinets and storage space.

The solutions is to recycle paperwork and scan and upload all related photos and documents into Control Management System without any need to keep hardcopies take up valuable space!

It's Complete

It can be expensive to purchase separate software applications and install them on everyone of your computers.

We have built Control Management System to include every tool needed to run your business without the need to purchase separate licenses for each computer. Our program is web based and can be accessed from any computer browser¹ with Internet access.

It's a Timesaver

Any business requires time and attention to daily operations and you have no time to train and retrain employess on using new software applications.

User friendliness was a primary focus for Control Management System to keep training minimal and

¹Supports most modern browsers such as Internet Explorer 5.5 - 8, FireFox 1-3, Safari, Chrome

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